Version 4.1(Stable)

1st Myanmar Browser is Burmese fonts(Myanmar Unicode, Zawgyi-One & WinInnwa) supported android browser.

[✔] No need root user access.
[✔] No need to change UI font.
[✔] No need to install Myanmar Unicode, Zawgyi-One and WinInnwa font.
[✔] No font ordering issue.
[✔] Support input text display (Zawgyi-One font).

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[✔] Unlimited tabs (switch by swiping right/left);
[✔] Import/export from/to SD card/Android browser bookmarks;
[✔] Search from URL bar;
[✔] Plugins support (Flash);
[✔] Can retrieve bookmarks from Firefox Sync;
(All browser features are from Lightning Browser)

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1st Myanmar Browser v4.1

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